Achieving production confidence through measurement | VICIVISION UK & Technoset

Confidence is a critical and often-cited concept in manufacturing. As businesses strive to prosper in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace, they need certainty that their processes will consistently and efficiently deliver right-first-time parts, so that order books remain full and customers keep coming back. Technoset knows that as well as anyone. For more than

VICIVISION: desde automoción hasta medicina

« Desde fabricantes de automoción de grandes volúmenes que buscan la automatización hasta fabricantes de dispositivos médicos de alta precisión en pequeños volúmenes, la X-360 con su imagen de alta resolución y gran campo de visión es la solución perfecta para todas las industrias.» Erick Fantini | Sales Director Durante más de 10 años VICIVISION

Interview with Sarbo Minuterie Metalliche: “How we increased productivity and drastically reduced inspection time.”

Sarbo S.p.A. is a leading company in the specialized production of bar-turned small metal parts.   “From the onset, our staff training is based on a fundamental principle: producing quality.” The company is undergoing a crucial and advantageous period with a generational changeover from partners Luciano Zago and Giuseppe Sartor, to their children, Paolo Zago

Procesos industriales: ¿digitales o sostenibles?

La digitalización que mejora el rendimiento. Los procesos industriales pueden ser o digitales o sostenibles, este es un concepto generalizado. La sostenibilidad, según algunos, no puede ir de la mano con la tecnología. En cambio, hay quien ha puesto en práctica la digitalización y puede dar datos concretos. En el VDMA Technology Forum di Hannover [1]

CoM3 project – Manunet program

Aims of the project: The CoM3 project purpose is the development of a multitasking measuring machine. The equipment will be designed to measure all internal and external dimensions of turned metal parts, along with extra features like residual machining burrs check. This additional function will be the result of R&D project and will represent a