Quality control of bar turned parts, Vi-Da

Quality control in production.

Quality control of bar turned parts.

The company.
The production of Vi-Da Srl (Darzo, TN) includes all the parts that can be obtained from turning processing: spacers, pins, fittings, pulleys, etc…

Since its establishment in the 1960s, the company decided to focus on the production of special parts characterized by a high level of quality, based on the requests and needs of its clients.

Soon the company started to cooperate with world-renowned Italian automakers such as Om, Iveco and Alfa Romeo.
The company’s mission based on quality and exceptional service, combined with a dedication to constant innovation and proper employee’s training, were key factors in the development of business partnerships with the manufacturers of grand touring and sports vehicles (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Audi), which granted them several quality awards.
VI-DA has CN fixed and sliding-headstock lathes, grinding machines and CN rolling machines, as well as a metrology room.
Currently the production offers a range of parts that can accommodate the needs of several different sectors such as the Automotive, Grand Touring, F1, Racing Vehicles, Aerospace, Medical, Food Processing, Electromechanical, and Nautical, which require special applications.
Measuring with light: the introduction of VICIVISION MTL
During the last edition of the MecSpe fair, in Parma, Dott. Nicola Beltrami, the CEO of the company based in Trentino, was walking around the “Avenues of the City of Mechanics” looking for a fast and flexible system for the Quality Control department that was also able to cut times and costs. The main goal was to guarantee a high level of quality across all the production, in order to satisfy its clients even further and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
The solution was found right in the VICIVISION booth, a true specialist in the optical measuring machines sector with advanced optical systems and robot guides. VICIVISION is part of VICI & C., a group that operates in the industrial automation sector, which is able to create tailored solutions for many different uses.
The optical measuring machine VICIVISION MTL is a complete product that is able to execute all the measurements on cylindrical components with dimensions up to 500×58 mm, these measurements include: diameters, lengths, angles, radii, threads, roundnesses, coaxialities, symmetries, parallelisms etc… This machine is the ideal instrument for those who, just like Vi-Da, produce special components.
The machine is extremely fast in executing the measurements, on some parts Vi-Da has found a significant time saving. For example, the control of the details during the set-up phase has been sped up considerably if compared to the time required with traditional measuring systems. Moreover, MTL allows the operator to switch from one part to the other in just a few seconds; this is a great advantage for a company like Vi-Da who produces parts in small batches (for example in the Formula 1 case) that require frequent production changes.
Beltrami highlights other advantages: “The new measuring machine MTL 500 has proven to be extremely easy to use, this has allowed us from the beginning to bring Quality Control directly on the shop floor. Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it only took a 2-day training program to make the operator completely independent, who was quickly able to execute most of the measurements required in the drawings. It is an all-in-one solution that executes in just one cycle all the functions that were previously carried out by multiple machines; therefore the process has been optimized, the downtimes were eliminated, the data was collected in one single database, which could then be analyzed in order to gather valuable statistical information and generate precious reports. Today, for every part we produce, we are able to make quality control certificates in just a few seconds, a sign of attention to quality which has brought success to our team”.
The speed of the machine in executing the measurement accurately, has allowed us to carry out the check in step with the production. With these new prerogatives the company Vi-Da, supported by VICIVISION’S technology, is bound to win the modern challenges of the competitive market.