VICIVISION «It is an instrument that guarantees precision and speed»

«Our choice naturally fell on MCE Metrology «

The production company UCMI wished to improve its performance in terms of precision and reliability in production control. It turned to MCE Metrology and its VICIVISION M2 machine.
This was a logical and effective choice from a number of viewpoints, explained Vincent Laugueux, director of UCMI. Interview.

Can you tell us about your company?

«UCMI is a microenterprise which specialises in general and precision mechanical engineering.
The company employs eight people and is based in Bagnols-sur-Cèze in the Gard Provencal.
UCMI is part of the INVOTECH group.
Basically I bought it in 2013 as I wanted to create some external growth with Mercier Engrenages, a company of the group which dealt only with gears.
At UCMI we produce cylindrical pieces in small to medium series or single pieces, mainly made of steel or stainless steel. Our turnover is 1.2 million euro, 40% of which comes from the nuclear sector, 30% from the aeronautic sector and the remainder from the railway sector, robotics and prototyping…We work with large companies such as EDF, Areva…In brief, UCMI is a microenterprise that looks ahead!»

Why did you invest in a VICIVISION machine that controls pieces automatically by means of an automatic scan?

«At first we had machines controlled manually by the operator. The hand pressure varies from person to person.
What I wanted, and more importantly what my clients wanted, was a control that was as neutral as possible.
We had a small three-dimensional machine which was useful on prismatic pieces.
But for cylindrical pieces, with a diameter, thread…control was manual and I needed to find a way to make this control completely impartial.
UCMI takes part in a number of fairs during the year. Such as SIANE in Toulouse for the past six or seven years. On this occasion, last year, one of my clients spoke to me of the machines with control of cylindrical pieces using a television camera.
I am not a technical whiz but I keep myself very well informed and I have studied what is available on the market and found many measuring machines…
MCE showed me a demonstration of its VICIVISION range. We got in touch immediately.
MCE is a company with reliable personnel that knows its work very well.
Then I met a person who was familiar with my three-dimensional machine and the problems it had. This helped things along. Lastly, the choice naturally fell on MCE Metrology.
I want to work with a machine like that»

What does this machine do for your daily work?

«It is an instrument that guarantees precision and speed. We produce small series, often repetitive. At UCMI there are operators who move the piece to the control area and the more it is complex the more time this takes. Half an hour, an hour, sometimes two. With Vici Vision, the two hours spend programming the control are compensated in just two or three series. The program is stored and a great deal of time is saved. It takes just a few seconds with a control report. The printed report is extremely clean and presentable, it can be given to the client just as it is. We use a control and restitution procedure in paper or digital format which the clients are increasingly enthusiastic about.

Three of our operators were trained on how to use the machine. It is used two or three times a week depending on the series of pieces to be checked. And the advantages are easy to see»

Would you recommend the work of MCE Metrology to other companies?

« Yes, absolutely. I already have! »

Many thanks to Vincent LAUGUEUX for agreeing to answer our questions

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