CoM3 project – Manunet program

Aims of the project: The CoM3 project purpose is the development of a multitasking measuring machine. The equipment will be designed to measure all internal and external dimensions of turned metal parts, along with extra features like residual machining burrs check. This additional function will be the result of R&D project and will represent a

VICIVISION « c’est un outil qui nous apporte de la précision et de la rapidité. « 

"Notre choix s’est porté naturellement sur MCE Metrology" La société d’usinage UCMI avait besoin d’améliorer ses performances en précision et fiabilité de contrôle de sa production. Elle s’est tournée vers MCE Metrology et sa machine VICIVISION M2. Un choix cohérent et payant à plusieurs niveaux, explique Vincent Laugueux, Gérant d’UCMI. Interview. Présentez-nous votre société. «UCMI est une

Trust Precision Engineering is a business on the up.

VICIVISION UK MACHINES A CATALYST FOR ENGINEERING FIRM’S GROWTH The company Trust Precision Engineering  A specialist sliding head machining subcontracting firm founded in 2011, it produces precision components predominantly for the aerospace sector and has grown and developed quickly. The investment VICIVISION UK machines deliver the fastest measurement using a combination of video and light

Quality control of bar turned parts, Vi-Da

Quality control in production. Quality control of bar turned parts. The company. The production of Vi-Da Srl (Darzo, TN) includes all the parts that can be obtained from turning processing: spacers, pins, fittings, pulleys, etc... Since its establishment in the 1960s, the company decided to focus on the production of special parts characterized by a high

Reliance Invest in Lead Screw Inspection Technology

As a supplier of high precision lead screws to highly regulated medical and lab automation environments, Reliance’s customers require consistently reliable, quality assured products. As part of their continuous improvement strategy, Reliance have invested in an automated lead screw inspection machine at their production facility in Ireland to help ensure the necessary quality levels are delivered. The