« A must in our industry »: How Ondrives saved hours of time by investing in VICIVISION

ONDRIVES is a gears and gear box manufacturing company but the parts we produce are blanks. We make manufacturing components, gears for aerospace, motorsports – industries that need tightly controlled components. So, the first part is, you turn a raw bit of blank and that’s when the VICIVISION comes into its own by measuring those

Achieving production confidence through measurement | VICIVISION UK & Technoset

Confidence is a critical and often-cited concept in manufacturing. As businesses strive to prosper in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace, they need certainty that their processes will consistently and efficiently deliver right-first-time parts, so that order books remain full and customers keep coming back. Technoset knows that as well as anyone. For more than

“From a single VICIVISION we can check parts produced on 17 grinding machines”: Bavieri company

For over 50 years, Bavieri Alfeo S.r.l. has specialised in contract machining for grinding, roll forming and lapping. "We perform contract machining services for grinding and roll forming. We finalise a previously processed product, so we’re the last stage in the machining process. We’ve been working with Vici for two years now and as time

Leaders in cold forming: Defremm keeps investing in quality and chooses VICIVISION.

Interview Mauro Molinari, Plant Director R&D Manager. “Defremm is a company from Lecco, which specializes in the production of small parts using cold formed wire. For the past 10 years, our company has been experiencing a major digitalization overhaul.” Mauro Molinari PLANT DIRECTOR R&D MANAGER “We met the company led by the Molinari family at

Interview with Sarbo Minuterie Metalliche: “How we increased productivity and drastically reduced inspection time.”

Sarbo S.p.A. is a leading company in the specialized production of bar-turned small metal parts.   “From the onset, our staff training is based on a fundamental principle: producing quality.” The company is undergoing a crucial and advantageous period with a generational changeover from partners Luciano Zago and Giuseppe Sartor, to their children, Paolo Zago

CoM3 project – Manunet program

Aims of the project: The CoM3 project purpose is the development of a multitasking measuring machine. The equipment will be designed to measure all internal and external dimensions of turned metal parts, along with extra features like residual machining burrs check. This additional function will be the result of R&D project and will represent a

VICIVISION « c’est un outil qui nous apporte de la précision et de la rapidité. « 

"Notre choix s’est porté naturellement sur MCE Metrology" La société d’usinage UCMI avait besoin d’améliorer ses performances en précision et fiabilité de contrôle de sa production. Elle s’est tournée vers MCE Metrology et sa machine VICIVISION M2. Un choix cohérent et payant à plusieurs niveaux, explique Vincent Laugueux, Gérant d’UCMI. Interview. Présentez-nous votre société. «UCMI est une