“We found the after-sale support that other brands just can’t match” | R.I.E S.r.l.

As we see it, the metrology room is the place where the perfection ritual is performed.

We chose the M606 Techno because it’s just the right size for the type of parts we machine.

RIE was founded in 1980 by two entrepreneurs and a handful of operators.

After 40 years in this sector, we now produce an astounding 7 million parts per year and have a fleet of 30 machines on our shopfloor.

We currently have a portfolio of over 400 clients, and our mission is to guarantee them on-time deliveries.

We have invested in the latest generation grinding technology, with a highly accurate universal machine.

The measuring machine prints reports indicating the machine’s process capability index.

We chose Vici because we measure right down to microns so the machine we use must be reliable and the measurement accurate.

This brand was our number one choice because Vici guarantees assistance and consultancy that other brands just can’t match.

The machine can measure diameters up to 60 mm and lengths up to 600 mm.

When using a Vici machine, the operator is more confident, he knows when the machine is about to deviate, and he can intervene in time and correct it.

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