Precision mechanics for people: UTILITÀ chooses Vicivision as a partner over time

“We are basically mechanical jewelers, we bring the “beauty” of the aesthetics of jewelry to mechanics, precision mechanics.

Vicenza is the gold capital. My father’s company was involved in the world of goldsmithing and jewelry, and he was approached to take a different slant on that craft and that’s how Utilità was born.
So, my brothers and I decided to diversify our production. But to do this we needed bigger machines to address different sectors, still in the business of niche products, but with highly noble material, like gold, platinum, palladium and iridium, specific to the dental sector.
We started producing and immediately saw that there was a high demand for this product.
From there, the next step was to switch to titanium, and from titanium venture into the world of implantology and medical components.

This is a piece made of titanium for spinal applications.
The difficulty with this piece is that it’s entirely milled from a single round bar.
To defend our business today, in addition to quantity, we really have to ensure our clients receive quality components. It’s so important to have a team that knows what quality is, people who know what it means to make quality products”.

“Utilità is lucky to be dealing with the most important asset in the world…People.
We work with the aviation and aeronautics industry, as well as supplying dental, orthopedic and maxillofacial implantology.

Technology is definitely one of our allies. It’s a fundamental support system for our daily activities “.

“We make about 1.5 million pieces a year, broken down into 2,500 orders so we are able to produce extremely complex parts.
The optical measuring machine is so important for understanding tool wear that might occur during processing”.

“In 2004 we purchased our first Vicivision machine. If the program is done well, all we do is position a clean part, start the machine and Vici does the rest.
We check all the measurements, both in terms of shape and positioning, because the Vici machines also enables us to check the position of certain processes carried out on the part”.

“The Vici machine lets me check both the diametrical measurements and all the incisions along the length of the part, so in a single scan
… with a good program in one go we can check all the external dimensions.
That’s where a great machine makes the difference and Vici helped us speed up the process and above all, facilitated the operator’s work“.