“We measure the incoming material with Vicivision” | Didimo Zanetti S.p.A.

The company was founded in 1953.
It started off as a small company producing gears in the post-war period when new sectors were emerging in the world, in Italy, in the area around Bologna.

Today we have three plants, with about 220 people. It has been an interesting journey with two key factors that have enabled the company to achieve such great results.
One is continuous investment in cutting edge technology, the second is the great passion we have for our work.

We also inspect finished products, in order to create samples.

We work much faster now because with a single machine we can see all the dimensions and geometric errors.

Before purchasing a Vici machine, we had to use a variety of different machines, like a tridimensional, a profilometer or a roundness tester.

Today, once we have created the program, the machine quickly provides all the results necessary.
As our customers are growing, so too are their needs for greater flexibility. They are multinational, complex structures that require well-organized suppliers that must be flexible as well.

We were missing a machine that could provide a rapid response for the two important phases. The first, inspecting a finished part and the second checking incoming material.

Basically, we have to check material sent by our suppliers. Once we have created the program with the VICIVISION machine, it’s a matter of seconds.