Optical measurement

Optical measuring machines for turned parts.
Shaft measurement solutions providing rapid return on investment.
VICIVISION machines are designed to be used in the shopfloor.
Save time on each batch change, measuring the components directly beside the CNC lathe.


For shafts up to 1250 x 180 mm

macchina di misura

From 40 to 180 mm in diameter, and 300 to 1250 mm in length. Detailed images capture even minute features.

Unbeatable performance: the measuring system is now enriched with a Renishaw Scanning Probe.

MTL X5 – X10

For micro-components

macchine ottiche per piccoli componenti

A clear – cut solution for dental implantology, biomedical technology, the watch-making industry and micromechanic applications.


For fittings and turned parts

Compact and ergonomic. The ideal tool to multi-spindle lathes or sliding head lathes. Measure from simple fittings to small shafts.


For shafts up to 900 x 140 mm

Designed to measure small components as easily as large shafts directly on the shop floor.

Quality control has become a fundamental part for manufacturers of turned components.
Companies need to operate in a lean and efficient way, reducing downtimes and rejects.

With optical measuring system the quality control takes from 30 to 60 seconds. No more human error.
Automatic cycle by pressing a button. Automatic data collection.
Use a single instrument to save time, manpower and improve the accuracy of inspection.

The Techno Range provides high-resolution images, which allow operators to capture all the finest details. A wide variety of measuring fields are available to better adapt to the production needs.

Discover also the newly developed Touch Probe measuring system, which consists in the combination of optical and tactile functions, resulting in a complete measuring control for turned parts in just one cycle.