Leaders in cold forming: Defremm keeps investing in quality and chooses VICIVISION.

Interview Mauro Molinari, Plant Director R&D Manager.

Defremm is a company from Lecco, which specializes in the production of small parts using cold formed wire.
For the past 10 years, our company has been experiencing a major digitalization overhaul.”

Mauro Molinari

“We met the company led by the Molinari family at one of the trade fairs we regularly take part in. They were looking for a machine that an operator could simply load a clean part onto and see if it was good or scrap“.

Diego Castelli
Official dealer VICIVISION – Tecmet2000

“Over the past few years Defreem had been searching for a partner who could help them develop the SPC inspection process during production. Vicivision immediately proved to be the ideal partner, offering a professional, solid service that soon transformed our initial requests into a reality.

The first thing we did was get ourselves a VICIVISION 304. It was like having a futuristic toy in the company. Initially the operators were both amazed and concerned, but when they saw how simple it was to operate – place the part and push a button – and the results it produced in the blink of an eye, then they all wanted to use it for almost all our range of products.

All the orders arrive at the quality station from our quality lab and we carry out the necessary inspections. If a led starts flashing on the line, the operators take the part to quality station, select which machine it came from and load it automatically onto the Vici machine. All they have to do is place the part, push a button and inspection is carried out quickly and efficiently.
We estimate that the investment we made with Vici will have a rapid return because we’ve seen how efficient our operators have become in terms of setting up the machine. Preparing for quality control is now a much faster process. The operator can perform inspections like those in a a quality lab and the outcome is is always objective, not something to be interpreted. This makes our workers more confident and it provides more advantages for us as a whole because work flows more smoothly and the levels of safety for our workers are higher
. “

Mauro Molinari