“From a single VICIVISION we can check parts produced on 17 grinding machines”: Bavieri company

For over 50 years, Bavieri Alfeo S.r.l. has specialised in contract machining for grinding, roll forming and lapping.

„We perform contract machining services for grinding and roll forming.
We finalise a previously processed product, so we’re the last stage in the machining process.

We’ve been working with Vici for two years now and as time is money, for everyone, we’ve already seen this reflected in the direct relationship with our clients.

These days, we can inspect one part out of every 50 or 100. This means an increase in the quality standard of our production, a guarantee of the quality standard. We can measure a part and its diameter, even with tolerances lower than one hundredth on 8 microns.
We can also inspect the roundness and cylindricity of the part, as well as the coaxiality of the two diameters machined at the same time. Vici does all of this in about 34 seconds“.

„I would highly recommend a VICIVISION machine because it saves a lot of time and the machine is accurate.
We use it on all our machines.

Let’s just say the machine is never idle – with 17 grinding machines, we use it all the time“.

Bavieri Alberto.