5 Solid reasons to invest in an optical machine. We asked one of our experts in the field.

Why favor an optical machine over the assortment of other measuring machines available on the market?



according to Valentino Palin Official dealer

VICIVISION Padova, Italy


1. Because efficiency and speed make the difference.

More and more companies are choosing to invest in automatic production control. The technology behind optical machines detects measurements on the external profile of the part, performing an automatic scan through a combination of intuitive software functions and cutting-edge hardware features. Our customers need to replace tools such as profile projectors or manual instruments with more performing systems; optical machines carry out all the measurements with a single instrument. Even the most complex parts can be measured in seconds, down to the last detail.


2. Because reducing inefficiency means reducing costs.

My customers are no longer tied to the metrology lab: our optical machines are specifically designed to withstand the typical conditions of a shopfloor environment. Some of them bought a measuring machine and use it to serve multiple machine tools. In addition, each optical machine is used by more than one operator, meaning an immediate reduction in queues and downtime. Operators don’t have to leave the shopfloor to verify the quality of the part. No more relocating, greater flexibility and a reduction in waste parts and inefficiencies all translate into an extraordinary return on investment.


3. To meet the toughest needs.

Optical measuring machines offer the precision required even in the most specific sectors: aerospace, automotive and medical. These sectors are characterized by the production of complex parts, where compromises on form, function and safety cannot be made. Automotive components, camshafts, transmission shafts, dental implants and medical screws, whatever the turned part, using an optical machine next to the CNC lathe, or next to the grinding center, really makes the difference.


4. Because guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability is key.

A growing number of customers are requesting highly efficient quality control instruments in order to comply with increasingly stringent tolerance requirements. The use of high-resolution images in optical measuring enables the measurement of complex characteristics, offering excellent accuracy, allowing manufacturers to achieve exceptionally good performance, even when tolerances are extremely tight. After setting the program, the measurement cycle can be performed at the touch of a button. The operator doesn’t have to intervene during the process: this guarantees objective, repeatable results, unaffected by human error.


5. To satisfy customers’ requests.

In my opinion, optical machines installed in the shopfloor offer manufacturers certainty in the production process when it comes to providing quality components. The increase in production capacity allows companies to accept more orders, confident they’ll be able to satisfy customer demand.


Valentino Palin | VICIVISION Padova, Italy


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