Scot Bennett Engineering Ltd has rapidly improved its inspection processes using a VICIVISION


Scot Bennett Engineering Ltd is a precision engineering specialist, working across industries including agricultural, automotive, medical, lighting and electronics since 1974.

Scot Bennett Engineering Ltd invested in a VICIVISION M1C turned part measurement machine. This has allowed them to produce faster and more accurate measurement results to speed up their inspection processes and ensure maximum productivity on the shopfloor.

Scot Bennett ensures they invest in the latest CNC machinery to produce the highest quality components for their customers.

Scot Bennett were looking to invest in world-class inspection equipment to measure their parts which matched the level of their CNC machinery. They made contact with VICIVISION UK to explore their turned part measurement solutions.

Rob Bennett, Managing Director of Scot Bennett Engineering Ltd, said:“There is no point having a £200,000 CNC machine if you’re not going to invest in the right equipment to make sure the parts are correct. I was trying to find something that could take away the human element of the inspection process so we could check our parts quickly and confirm whether or not they were correct. I thought there’s got to be a way of speeding up the process of checking our parts, which is why I looked at VICIVISION UK.”

“A part that used to take me 2 to 3 minutes using the vernier, I am now doing in under 20 seconds,”
said Byron Calvert, CNC setter at Scot Bennett.

“It has helped a lot. You get more of a precise measurement using the VICIVISION. In 20 seconds, I’ve measured the part and am back out on the shopfloor.
The machines can keep running which has made our projections much higher.
All the parts are out the door quicker and the VICIVISION guarantees they’re right.”

Rob explained how VICIVISION UK has improved his entire production process:
“I would certainly recommend VICIVISION to other companies. We are using the VICIVISION for both first-off approvals and inspection reports, as well as in-batch processing. For repeat work, once you’ve done that first program it is saved on the PC and saved in the system so the programs there and quick to access when you need it. We are able to print an ISIR inspection report to give to customers. Whenever we’ve had queries about programming, VICIVISION UK have been very good with support.
VICIVISION for us has been excellent and passed my expectations. Really happy with the product and maybe in time we’ll have to get another one.”

Article of the official UK VICIVISION dealer: VICIVISION UK

Customer: Scot Bennett Engineering Ltd