“The move from attribute gauging to optical measurement has been a complete success” | H&T Presspart

H&T Presspart | “We have 4 Vici machines, 3 in our pharmaceutical factory and one in our industrial factory”. H&T PRESSPART are part of the H&T Group. We manage deep drawn metal pressings for the pharmaceutical and industrial businesses. So, we manufacture aerosol cans made of aluminium or stainless steel. We also manufacture other industrial components –

“We never compromise on technology, this is the perfect tool for turned parts” EZU experience – VICI

EZU is a reliable machining company. In 2016 we delivered 100 million components for diesel production and in 2017 we delivered another 250 million components for the automatic transmission industry. The Vicivision system ensures that data can be collected reliably. Data from the measuring machine is transmitted to the production machine. All processes are regulated

VICIVISION non-contact measurement systems have taken Benham’s metrology to a whole new level.

Benham Precision| Speed, accuracy, repeatability: Optical measurement revolutionises production. Nearly all of our business is directly into aerospace or defence sectors. Typically, we manufacture manifolds, bodies, cases, lots of castings. We decided to make the investment into our first VICIVISION machine and we’ve subsequently go on to purchase a further two machines, so across our two