Reliance Invest in Lead Screw Inspection Technology

As a supplier of high precision lead screws to highly regulated medical and lab automation environments, Reliance’s customers require consistently reliable, quality assured products. As part of their continuous improvement strategy, Reliance have invested in an automated lead screw inspection machine at their production facility in Ireland to help ensure the necessary quality levels are delivered.

The inspection of lead screws has historically been a manual process, with the experienced team inspecting product characteristics for any deviations from specification. Recognising the limitations of this process, and the potential consequences for customers, the company decided to invest in automated inspection technology.

After a detailed trialling process Reliance chose the VICIVISION MTL Ergon system, an optical, non-contact shaft measuring machine, capable of analysing very specific details on the lead screws. This machine enables accurate inspection of the diameter, length and geometry. The system records and stores all data, allowing Reliance to access historic measurement data at any time. This is particularly useful for customers who may require a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) or statistical information.

David Torr, Reliance’s Head of Metrology, comments

“What is really important for Reliance is ensuring a high level of quality for our customers. Automation has an important part to play; it allows for the collection of measurements to be more efficient, ensuring a repeatable supply of quality product.  Alongside this, it is helping us broaden the scope of our metrology analysis for the lead screw range.”

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