Making quality control efficient means being more competitive.

The testimonial of UMBRAGROUP S.p.A.

The company

UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. is a global leader in the manufacturing of ball screws within the aeronautical sector.

International excellence

The international success of the UMBRAGROUP is the answer to a market that is in the constant pursuit of excellence. UMBRAGROUP is a supplier for many multinational companies, leaders in each of their sectors : Boeing, Airbus, Rockwell Collins, KLM, Trumpf, DMG Mori Seiki, Mazak, Sumitomo-Demag, Meccanica Nova e Prima Power, just to name a few.
The constant improvement of products and services and the continuous investments in Research and Development are the strong foundations for a successful strategy.

The product analysis

Ball screws:
screws that are used in the aeronautical and industrial sectors. UMBRAGROUP uses advanced materials and state of the art computing instruments, which are able to last the required product life-cycle, and withstand the harshest environmental conditions along with the load capacity that can be found in the different applications.

The project

Quality control is a vital part of the production process.
Promoting the constant improvement of this phase is necessary, yet we always have to consider the importance of containing costs. In order to compete in a market that has expanded its reach to a global level, quality needs to meet productivity, in a new concept of efficiency.
The challenge for UMBRAGROUP together with VICIVISION: increase productivity while reducing costs and quality control time.

The challenge: the control of ball screws produced by UMBRAGROUP 

With the traditional methods of quality control, it would take up to an hour to test each part.
It takes 15 employees to sustain the production demand.
If the operators were to carry in a single metrology room, they would run into long lines, inefficiencies and inconvenient waits, adding to the burden of training qualified operators.

The introduction of VICIVISION MTLthe results 

It was then necessary to have a machine that could operate in the shop floor and that would cut control times. With the introduction of the MTL X-Stream directly in the shop floor, the hours required for testing were drastically reduced.
Today 15 operators are able to use the MTL autonomously. The machine allowed each operator to perform the testing directly in the shop floor in a just a minute. Diameters, lengths, angles and radii, geometrics and form measurements. MTL offers a fast and reliable quality control, avoiding inaccuracies and inefficiencies, which are linked to the traditionally measuring systems.