Vici & C.

Electrical panels
On board applications
Industrial automation

Advanced quality supply.

Since 1977, Vici & C S.p.A. has been the ideal partner for the supply of Electrical Panels, On-Board Applications and Industrial Automation to pioneering companies!
A pioneering company is the first to come up against new problems. What puts them first and defines innovation is their ability to work through these problems.

A partnership aimed at…

• Reducing costs and keep them under control
• Reducing the minimum purchase batch
• Providing expertise
• Working with you on product development
• Guaranteeing quality and reliability
• Offering worldwide assistance

Reducing costs and keep them under control.

A high turnover gives Vici & C S.p.A. the liberty to choose from the most important suppliers at the most competitive prices.

Reducing the minimum purchase batch.

From mass production to single batches, Vici & C S.p.A. relies on a well-stocked internal warehouse which, combined with the Lead Time of optimized components, ensures efficiency even with small batches and single units. Vici & C S.p.A. production operates with the following systems:
• Just in time
• Kanban
• Per batch
• Single orders

Providing expertise.

Our team of technicians has at its disposal state of the art design tools such as Eplan 21, Spack, PRO-E 3D, Autocad 2D and Sabik. This enables us to provide our clients with functional electrical diagrams lay-outs, complete component lists, PC and PLC software flow charts and the mechanical design for carpentry in metal and stainless steel. The methodological analysis is of extreme importance to the regulations of the sector and the relative systematic update.

Working with you on product development

Vici & C S.p.A. is well aware of the importance of Research and Development and has team members dedicated to this very purpose. Our clients are assisted in the development stages of the product, and we provide knowhow in terms of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and software design.

Guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Vici & C S.p.A. operates a quality control system that complies with the ISO 9001-2008 requirements and has been DNV certified since 1997. We have also been a certified “research laboratory” since 2003, directly accredited by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (22 December 2003).
We are certified:
• ISO 9001-2008
• ISO 14000
• ISO 18000
• CRIT (Technology Brokerage and Innovation Centre) Accredited Supplier

Offering worldwide support.

Vici & C S.p.A. is well aware of the importance of Research and Development and has team members dedicated to this very purpose. Our clients are assisted in the development stages of the product, and we provide know-how in terms of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and software design.
Where requested, our technicians work on a daily basis on the clients’ premises, installing electrical panels, on-board applications and carrying out general acceptance tests of the entire plant. In addition, our experts can provide technical support services within one business day.