Certify quality in production.

The MTP range is an optical measuring machine capable of controlling multiple pieces from minute to medium-sized in a single scan. With its innovative horizontal layout, MTP provides a completely extractable stage where the pieces can be positioned freely.
Its free 180° access facilitates automatic loads. MTP is specifically designed to work on the shopfloor.

Dozens of parts measured in a scan.

> Distances between points and lines.
> Internal and external radii.
> Angles.
> Parallelisms, symmetries, orthogonalities.
> Any geometrical measurement on the piece profile.
> DXF comparisons on real profiles.
Self-programmed tools for specific applications.


The MTP 170L multicheck combines multi-piece inspection with a pallet changing system to reduce the time of loading and unloading.
Quick loading trays, 10 seconds to acquire the full stage. It is the ideal solution for end of line inspection of large batches.
Specific trays can be made for larger quantities which accelerate loading and unloading operations.


Best price for value on the inspection of flat parts.
It is the ideal solution for end of line inspection of large batches. To inspect smaller quantities the elements are freely placed on the stage and the auto- tracking function will automatically identify the elements. This unique measurement tool provides high-speed inspection not only of diameters and lengths, but also of minute details such as radii, bevels, angles.


The quickest system to inspect small flat detailed parts.
It combines the precision of a microscope with the speed of a sorting machine.

MTP 15 Microcheck is an optical measuring machine capable of measuring in a single scan hundreds of characteristics employing in a matter of seconds.
The high resolution sensor offers inspection not only of diameters and lengths, but also of minute details such as radii, bevels, angles, etc., which normally cannot be controlled by line inspection systems.
The MTP 15 Microcheck has been designed to work directly on the shop floor.

Quality and efficiency in production

In our daily life, carrying out an inspection of what are doing confirms a correct working practice and ensures us that we are on the right track. This is why VICIVISION improves its optical measuring systems with dedicated tools and specific applications. The most complex measurements are now easier: press a button and get the result.

Complete Software

MTP software allows to detect dozens of measurements in a single scan in just a few seconds. Distances, radii, angles, gears and DXF comparison of real profiles.

Measurements report

The software allows the operator to print or export complete and custom pdf measurement reports. Results of measurements on histograms for immediate consultation.

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